What is Rockabilly?

General Ethos
Live your life as much as you can like you are living in America in the 1950's (depending on how much you like your dishwasher...)

Very important — rockabillies are not Teds! Rockabillies are US influenced and Teds, frankly, are pants

You just have to have one of those laminated cocktail cabinet things that everyone had in the fifties. Serious 'billies have the lot — fifties curtains, rugs, kitchenware and other retro paraphernalia. For visible street cred you've gotta have the fifties car and drive it to (only the right) weekenders. And you are only allowed to admit you have a computer if you use it for 'spreading the rockin' word'

General styles: Rockabilly, Country, Doo Wop, Swing, Jive, Hillbilly, Blues, Jazz, R'n'B (the proper stuff)
Dancing: Bopping (mostly boys), Jiving (both), Strolling (mostly girls)
Artists: Early Elvis, Johnny Burnette, Joe Clay, Wanda Jackson, Sonny Burgess, Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers, Marvin Rainwater and loads more
Are big on the scene. Go for anything from the fifties (and this is one area where British is ok) — from bikes, to Chevys to old Austins — although it's getting harder to find them now so you can get away with a sixties ride if you make a bit of an effort (blue dots on a Honda Melody might be pushing it...)

Boys: Elvis, Marlon Brando (The Wild One, A Streetcar Named Desire), Jimmy Dean
Girls: Marilyn Monroe (Some Like It Hot), Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany's), Jayne Mansfield (whose boobs were insured for a million dollars)

Boys: Burnette, which is shaved round back and sides and graduated up to a low, highly greased (using Black & White, Dax Wax or Sweet Georgia Brown) quiff. A bit of sideburn is a necessity — no shaving all the way round your ears like when you were 13
Girls: Either long and in a pony tail with a high, rolled fringe which may incorporate some curling to one side. Alternatively, worn shorter and curled, but with the same rolled fringe. Black, white blonde, red...anything goes depending on the look you want

Boys: For daytime wear — dark Levi's worn on the hips, with massive turn-ups, nice tight white T-shirt, biker boots and leather jacket (ref Marlon Brando in the Wild One), or original bowling shirts, American football shirts. For going out — box jackets, wide ties, pegs and chelsea boots or brogues NB NO BOOT LACE TIES OR BLUE SUEDE SHOES!
Girls: Full skirts/dresses or pencil skirts, pedal pushers, short shorts, tight-waisted jeans with massive turn-ups, purse belts, off the shoulder tops, pointy bras, hooped ear-rings and little handbags or duffle bags. Oh yes — don't forget the liquid eyeliner and red lipstick!

REMEMBER: For true kudos, original is best!