For people that don't understand it, what would you say the rockabilly ethos is?
AD: It's a sound that's driven from your heart...
RT: It's not just the music, it's a lifestyle.
AD: It's a culture isn't it, because you associate the music like you associate punk rock and you imagine somebody looking like they've been torn through a hedge. You look at people in the early fifties, the suits and everything was cut to a better quality and it just looks nice and hung better and there was a sort of style whereas today there isn't.

And both of you comply, or join in with this lifestyle theory?
AD: Yeah – we have that lifestyle to the best we can in a modern day society, but there are other people out there that don't watch colour TV because they didn't have them in the fifties – well, at the end of the day, I'd much rather walk into a kitchen and use a microwave than do it over a gas stove!
RT: But it is a lifestyle – the cars, the bikes, the clothes, tattoos.

So, you've got all those things?
AD: We've had the cars; we've got bikes at the moment. We've got the clothes, the tattoos, the music, the hair, ... Well, some of the hair!
Rob: Speak for yourself!

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