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The Rockabilly Revue with Dave at
Reviews of over 100 Rockabilly CDs over seven decades (and thanks to Dave who kindly gave me copyright permission to use his cool rockin' quiff cartoons!)

Order your rockin' records and CD's on the famous Nervous records website -

Clues about the rockabillytastic Hemsby Weekenders can be found at hemsby rock'n'

The best gig and club guide to rockin' dos that you'll find is Bigwig's Home of Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly – at

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Rockin' UK web – Good fun site with more links and photos. Also very interesting comments on the course the scene has taken over the last few years with the increase in jiving and line dancing classes taken by 'empty-nesters' who don't like rockin' and bopping!


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Check out Ronnie Dawson's web site – him of the 'Rockin' Bones...
Or Jump and Run to the newspaper clippings site for articles about the shriekin' genius

This also includes many other famous rockin' names such as:
Wanda Jackson – The undisputed Fujiyama Mama of rockabilly

Johnny Burnette – Definitely rockin' royalty

Sonny BurgessIf you're reading this, Sonny, that phone number you gave me at the Birmingham all-dayer didn't work when I got to Memphis!

NB This page to be expanded as good rockin' sites are found... please feel free to email me with suggestions!

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