What's the scene like in the States?

It's a big thing in the States – it's a bigger thing in the States. A lot of people are going to weekenders in the States. There's a weekender in LA – that's supposed to be excellent.
RT: LA and Vegas.
AD: They have all the cars and everything – like it should be. You've got rockabillies there as well.
How do they dress compared to the British?
AD: To be honest, they are a lot smarter. Every time you see a Yank, they look the b****cks. You look at Big Sandy and the Flight Night Trio – they look the ****in'...
RT: Yeah – but I couldn't say what they dressed like for just going out, for normal wear.
AD: I reckon they wouldn't be no different Rob.
RT: Probably.
So how often do you go to clubs nowadays?
AD: We try to go to weekenders.
RT: There are too many now though.
The Hemsby lot still do two a year, don't they, October and May?
RT: We usually go in May.
AD: Then you got Skegness.
RT: Then you've got all the other ones as well...You got a teddy boy one now as well.
Oh God! Do they still do all-dayers like they used to in Birmingham?
RT: No – Birmingham's dead now, Norwich is dead now. So it's just the weekenders and then infrequent clubs and you have to find out when they're actually on 'cos they're not on every week.
How often do you go to a club?
AD: Rob goes more than me.
What – twice a month?
RT: No – can't afford it now – got a car and a bike to run! I go once a month, easily, once a month. London, Newmarket...
AD: You can go to the Elephant's Head in London [Camden – 5.30pm onwards on a Saturday] and find out what's going on even if you don't go. But London really.
What's this Newmarket one like then?
RT: It's more of a rock'n'roll club – but it's ok. Worth going down to. Cheap beer!
How often is that on?
RT: Once a month.
See you at the next one!

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